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Testimonials from Our Dog Recipients

  • Dear Canine Guardians: I cannot fully express my gratitude for my service dog and what he has meant to me these last few months. Every day I am newly surprised by the depth of love I’ve grown to feel for him. I keep expecting it to plateau, but it only grows stronger. A couple of minutes snuggling in his fur are a reset for my emotions. He sleeps next to me in my bed and I have never slept so peacefully. It’s not touch and go, I always sleep well. This is huge for me. He wakes me up every morning at 6:30. I haven’t used an alarm in months. His joy upon seeing that I too am awake is instantly infectious and I never have a hard time getting out of bed. Taking care of my boy is easier than I could have imagined. You see, he gives me far more than I can possibly give him. Thank you so much for making this life-changing experience possible. My deepest thanks, A Grateful Veteran 

  • “My dog, Hero is a true and daily ‘Wingman’ for me. While driving Hero lays his head on my shoulder, which reminds me of my service buddies putting their hands on his shoulder to let him know they had his back. When I forget to wear my C-Pac at night when my sleep apnea is bad and I stop breathing he wakes me up and gets me going again. He has my back…always” 

  • “The Patriot is a wonderful dog and the best companion one could have. Jennifer and I are over the moon. He has helped me navigate airports and airplanes and feel far more comfortable in a crowd.”

  • “The children at the detention center are better behaved and less likely to argue or fight. Major has brought a sense of calm and joy to this place”

  • “Dolly’s 1st night with me at the Veterans’ home could not have gone better. She was wonderful and did everything I asked and really makes me feel loved.”

  • "In the 2 years that I have had my dog, my anger has been mostly suppressed, my mind is clear and I am the happiest when he is with me (don't tell my wife.)